How are Next Gen Pet Cat Litters Different?

According to resources like the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), keeping your cat indoors can increase their life expectancy from 2-5 years (for the average outdoor cat) to 17+ years! While we all love our feline friends and are more than happy to maintain their litter boxes, keeping an indoor litter box can be a smelly undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be any more. 

Next Gen Pet (NGP) cat litters – Cypress Fresh, Green Tea Fresh, and Timber Fresh are a comprehensive solution to keeping your cat and the environment safe with an indoor litter box. NGP cat litters are made from ALL NATURAL ingredients. What does that mean? That means that the litter, the binder that helps the litter to clump, the fragrance, all of it is made from naturally occurring ingredients that come from the earth, and will return to the earth after you have used our product.

The primary ingredient in all NGP cat litters is wood that is carefully selected from from factories that make furniture and / or musical instruments. We make sure to select clean, recycled wood scrap to ensure a safe product for your home. Did you know wood has a natural ability to suppress bacteria and control odors in the litter box? 

There are NO CHEMICALS or ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCES in our cat litter. Our cat litters use natural ingredients like green tea and Hinoki cypress in addition to wood to suppress bacteria growth and fight odors without artificial fragrances.  

NGP cat litters are extremely absorbent and they clump. Clumps made from NGP cat litter are typically 1/3 smaller and lighter than clay litter clumps – that means less waste and more clumps per bag! One bag of NGP cat litter will last one cat for 4 to 6 weeks with routine litter box maintenance – that means a one month supply of our cat litter is 90% lighter than a clay equivalent.  

NGP’s litters are all light-weight, water soluble and clump solidly. All NGP cat litters are made from recycled, sustainable materials including natural binders and are lighter than clay.