Knowing is Half the Battle

If you read my previous blog about our Electronic LED Flea Trap, you heard that in addition to fleas, our trap attracted all kinds of insects from spiders to earwigs and silverfish. I think we all like to think that we live in a “clean” house but bugs are so small, sometimes it’s hard to know who is living in your home.

Some customers have started to report that they are using our Electronic LED Flea Trap as a flea tracker in their homes. Just like the saying with cockroaches – if you see a flea on your pet, you can bet there are many more on your pet and in your house. Flea infestations are much easier to manage the sooner you address them. 

Next Gen Pet HQ is here in sunny Southern California. This means that fleas are active in our area year round. Flea control is a constant battle that requires consistent management and we have to watch our fluffy friends closely, especially after visiting day care or a dog park.

Next Gen Pet’s Electronic Flea Trap’s blue color LED attracts insects and traps them on a sticky trap next to the light. The flea trap is battery operated with two settings: Regular Mode (solid light) or Eco Mode (flashing light) and the battery not only allows you to put the trap anywhere without having to run a power cable to an outlet. These traps are designed to be so efficient that you can operate one continuously for 15-30 nights depending on whether you use the Regular or Eco Mode. (For best results the trap should be used in a darkened room overnight to attract as many bugs as possible.)

As a wise cartoon told me in my childhood, “Knowing is half the battle.” Once you know what is going on you can create a plan to address the issue. Next Gen Pet’s Electronic LED Flea Trap can help you keep an eye on potential insect infestations and address them quickly before your family ends up itchy and uncomfortable.