19lbs of Clay Litter in a 5-6lbs Bag

Over the years we have had people ask why we sell our litter by volume rather than by weight. The reasoning can get a little technical, but let me see if I can explain before everyone’s eyes glaze over.

Next Gen Pet’s cat litters are made from wood and a natural binder; because of the way these materials are manufactured together in our factory, our litter is lightweight and super absorbent. Our Fresh litter makes small, economical clumps that use the least amount of litter possible in each clump. It’s also easy to identify soiled litter in the box, this helps keep your litter box cleaner between change outs.

A few years ago, we took a sample of other cat litters who self advertise the length of time each package would last in your home. When analyzing the timelines against our cat litter, we discovered that a 19lbs box of clay was equivalent to 5-10 liters of Next Gen Pet’s Fresh cat litters. So many people see our 5-6lbs bag of litter and see that they are paying $15-20 for a portion of their of clay litter, but what they don’t realize is our litter’s price is comparable (if not more economical in most cases) with the added benefit of being a natural product in a lighter weight bag.

Don’t forget our new bigger bags of Green Tea Fresh and Cypress Fresh! Those bags weigh in at 11.5 and 14 lbs respectively and are equivalent to 8-12+ weeks of cat litter for one cat!

Breaking into the industry and shifting cat guardian’s mindsets about how they think of their cat litter purchases has been a tough paradigm to change. Luckily, Next Gen litter’s very lightweight and absorbent formula is very BIG on performance! We’ve been able to flip certain long-standing conversations about cat litter on their heads and now see our colleagues in the natural cat litter category and in the traditional clay market as well talking about their litter in terms of how far the product stretches rather than just how much litter is in the package.