Our Pets Are Our Family

One of the biggest news stories this month is Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs, Koji and Gustav being abducted and (thankfully) returned. Every day, I open my news app on my phone, or my email and I see another story about this type of theft / abduction becoming more frequent. According to the articles I have read on the topic, French Bulldog theft specifically occurs due to the high adoption fees associated with this breed of dog ($2000-5,000 per dog) but I feel like I see reports on Facebook about dogs being abducted from someone’s porch or being taken out of their yard every couple weeks and my heart aches. 

I usually try to keep things light on this blog. The past year has been tough enough and I’m no expert or journalist. What I am is a pet parent who loves my fur babies very much. I couldn’t imagine going through something like this.

lncreased animal thefts have me thinking about the effect this might have on how dogs are raised after this, especially as I read articles about pet owners purchasing metal anti-theft collars. My dogs have a full run of my house, sleep in our bed and spend almost all their time with us (especially in the last 12 months). As a person predisposed to be a helicopter pet parent, I make conscious choices to move against those urges. As much as I love them, I want my dogs to be allowed to be dogs; they should be able to play outside, dig holes in the yard, roll in the mud. I am curious to see how this trend of security leashes and increased theft will affect my mindset, personally as I navigate our path forward.

I’m not sure what my thesis is here but has been weighing too heavily on me not to comment on it. All I can do is wish for the world to be filled with more empathy, and for people to understand that our pets are our family. To all the people still waiting to be reunited with their pets, we are thinking of you and our hearts are broken for your loss.