Close Quarters with My Litter Box

We have an elderly cat in our household, Polly (full name: Polly Wanna Cracker). Ms Polly is a 17 year old rescue we adopted when she was a kitten and she has been through it all with us. As the senior ranking member of the household, you would think she would have very specific demands but this cat is very laid back and goes with the flow. Because of her great attitude and advanced age, she is the queen of our household and we work to make sure she is as happy and comfortable as possible. 

Many of us are spending more time than usual in our homes this year. While we are usually very attentive pet owners, we have been hyper attuned to our pet’s needs during the pandemic. Recently we noticed that Ms Polly was having trouble with her tummy. The vet suggested we switch her from dry cat food to wet cat food to make sure she was getting enough water. We made the switch and fortunately she is doing much better but because she’s eating more than she used to, she’s now using the litter box more frequently too and the litter box is next to my work-from-home office. 

Being in close quarters with my litter box has made me so grateful for the super odor control power of Green Tea and Hinoki Cypress. As an asthmatic cat owner, clay cat litter was always going to be a problem for our house. Having the option of Next Gen’s wood based cat litter is a huge help, especially this year in the close quarters of a pandemic. Add the benefit if being able to have my litter delivered to my door makes Next Gen Pet litters a real no-brainer.

Around the same time people were rushing to the store for toilet paper, Next Gen Pet was seeing a rush on cat litter too. We’ve been hearing anecdotal feedback in the pet industry that consumables like treats, food and litter are also in high demand. The pandemic has been hard on all of us. My secret has been to look for small ways to make our lives easier and for opportunities to celebrate small wins. Areas like cat litter and pet treats may seem like a silly place to focus but ensuring the happiness and quality of life of my pets has been super rewarding for us.