Electronic LED Flea Trap looks great, but does it work?

Have you seen our Electronic LED Flea Trap? If you have, my guess is your first thought was, “Looks great, but does it work?” To be honest – that was our first question when we discovered the product, too!

Next Gen Pet’s Electronic Flea trap utilizes an LED lamp to attract fleas from a distance to a sticky sheet near the LED light. The fleas jump on the sticky sheet and are unable to escape once they land on it. There are no pesticides on the sticky sheet – the fleas just become trapped.

You may be wondering why the light is blue. We have conducted extensive testing of various light sources and found that fleas are most responsive to the blue color LED lamp. The blue color led attracted almost TWICE as many fleas as their next favorite color light (green). Check out the test results from our R&D Department. Test Results

We set a trap up on our house for a couple of weeks to see what we would catch. Our pets have access to a restricted outside area but are mostly indoor… Not only did we catch fleas (we didn’t know we had in the house) but this trap caught spiders, earwigs, silverfish and more (no judgement, please – we’re pretty anal retentive about cleaning, I swear). I figured at a certain point, the bugs would see the other bugs on the sticky sheet and would start to avoid the trap but I was blown away at the increased number of trapped insects each day. This blue light creates the kind of tunnel vision that I thought was reserved for me and chocolate chip cookies.

The Electronic LED Flea Trap is battery operated with two settings: Regular Mode (solid light) or Eco Mode (flashing light). The battery not only allows you to put the trap anywhere without having to run a power cable, but the trap is designed to operate continuously for 15-30 nights depending on whether you use the Regular or Eco Mode. For best results the trap should be used in a darkened room (overnight) to attract as many bugs as possible. 

So the answer to “Looks great, but does it work?” is an emphatic “YES!” This product, and the refill sticky sheets are available on our website.