Hinoki Cypress Offering Form and Function

Hinoki cypress is a type of tree native to Southern Japan. The Hinoki tree is a full foliage, slow growing tree that grows very straight, making it a great tree to use for lumber to build temples, spas and palaces. This tree’s wood has also long been treasured for its unique ability to control odors, and to resist mold and bacteria.

You know the smell – that clean and refreshing aroma that fills your head when you’re hiking through the woods. That fragrant aroma is the trees giving off phytoncide gases which repel insects and bacteria.

Phytoncides are also often used in aromatherapy as a stress reducer. They promote relaxation and can even work as a decongestant (good for stuffy noses, sinus and chest congestion and other respiratory problems). Hinoki wood and its oils are also very gentle on skin. They are often used for treating skin irritations, rashes, cuts and abrasions.

These benefits made Hinoki Cypress oil an excellent addition to our litter. Both Timber Fresh and Cypress Fresh cat litters leverage the benefits of the phytoncides in Hinoki cypress to control odor in your litter box.

Timber Fresh cat litter was developed by combining over a decade of industry experience to make our newest product. This all natural cat litter provides excellent odor control while invoking a woodland feel with the power of Hinoki Cypress oil. 

Cypress Fresh cat litter combines both the benefits of Hinoki cypress wood and green tea leaves, making this our most powerful product, delivering truly superior odor control. Smaller litter pellets mean reduced tracking outside of the litter box and now we have refined the Cypress Fresh formula for superior clumping too.

In addition to controlling odor naturally, both litters are lightweight (90% lighter than clay), clumping and are made from recycled, sustainably sourced materials!

The benefits of Hinoki cypress make our cat litters an even stronger, odor fighting contender.